Rider Spotlight: Noelle Vidak

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Photo courtesy of Kurt Rittenhouse, Watch The Lights Photos

 This month’s rider spotlight is shining on Noelle Vidak. Noelle is definitely a force to be reckoned with among the young ladies riding 20″ bikes today. Spend any amount of time around Noelle at a track, and you will be impressed with her drive and ambition to push herself harder each time she races.

Name: Noelle Vidak

Hometown: Swanton , Ohio

Current Bike: Intense Podium

How long have you been racing, and how did you get started?  This is my 7th summer racing. We drove past Lay Industrial BMX and I thought it looked cool, so my dad took me to try it.

Favorite track: Cleves

Favorite rider: Definitely Josh Smith

Greatest accomplishment: National #2 last year

Short term goal: To win Grands

Long term goal: To have my name pop up on Google, and to get on an event t-shirt at one of the nationals.

What are you strengths? Power

What could you improve on? Skill

Who would you like to thank? My parents, especially my dad, everyone from BMX-Guru, and all the people that have supported me over the years.


Rider Spotlight: Mike Rincon

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This month we’re taking a look at Mike Rincon for our Rider Spotlight. Mike is a force to be reckoned with on both his 20″ and his cruiser, and he is a team favorite as a lot of the younger riders love to watch his smooth skills and fast moves in the corners.

Name: Michael Rincon

Hometown: Adrian, MI.

Current Bike: Formula 20 and 24

How long have you been racing, and how did you get started?  I’ve been racing for 16 years. My Uncle Joe and Uncle Sam took me to Bowman Park BMX when I was 13 and ever since, I’ve been hooked.

Favorite track: South Park.

Favorite rider: Corben Sharrah, but my all time is Mikey King.

Greatest accomplishment: National 2 when I was 16.

Short term goal: Improve first straight.

Long term goal: National #1 on both bikes.

What are you strengths? Jumping and rhythms.

What could you improve on? Manualing.

Who would you like to thank? My Uncle Joe, Uncle Sam, and Aunt Dina for getting me into racing. Without them, it would have never been possible. My team manager Dave and his wife for their support, my team mates and their parents for watching my bad kids while I practice and race. And Will Harsh, the BMX Guru, for his support throughout all the years, he has been a big help – more than he knows…

Midwest National Report

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It's all about the fun. Boom Boom, The Cheetah, Brew-Dog, Game Over and Gator showin' the love at Hire Park.

This year’s Midwest National took place over the weekend of June 25-26 in Warsaw, Indiana at Hire Park BMX. A few of the Guru Gang headed out to get their race legs under them and were pleasantly surprised with a beautiful weekend after a very drizzly, dark pre-race on Friday night.

9x Elijah Gilbert celebrated his first national win on Day 2 with a 1st place in his cruiser class. Noelle Vidak also had a perfect day on Sunday, racing hard against Erika Takamasa for the win. Brittany Harder also had an amazing win on Day 1. 30-34 ladies cruiser, Gina Gilbert was thrown in with the 15-16 year olds and had to settle for 5th place finishes on both days. Brewster Vidak had a tough class but rode hard and ended up 4th and 2nd in his mains as well.

There was plenty of talent to be found in the team competition at the Midwest Nationals. The Guru team was proud to take 6th place on Day 1 ahead of Illinois Cycle, Bluegrass, and Team Diamond. They fared one place better on Day 2 and took home 5th place ahead of the likes of Ace/Redline, Team Diamond, and Illinois Cycle.  GR Racing dominated the team competiton all weekend.

The next big  Guru event is set to be the Midwest Challenge Championships in Grand Rapids, MI. See you at the race!

Photo courtesy of Kurt Rittenhouse

Last month we featured 9x rider, Elijah Gilbert. This month, we’re taking a look at a member of BMX-Guru who was inspired to ride solely due to Elijah’s passionate involvement in the BMX scene – his stepmom and 30-34 ladies cruiser, Gina Gilbert. 

Name:  Gina “The Cheetah” Gilbert     
Hometown:  Toledo, Ohio
Current bike:  Redline Flight
How long have you been racing, and how did you get started in BMX?  This is my fourth year being involved with BMX. My husband bought me a cruiser to ride around the track with Elijah in 2008, and it wasn’t long before I was hooked.  
Favorite Track:  Waterford Oaks (Pontiac, Michigan.)
Favorite Rider:  Donny Robinson. I think it’s great that he is very concerned with being a positive role model for the kids, and he’s not ashamed of his Christian faith.
What’s your greatest BMX accomplishment? My rookie year I came out and won the ladies’ points championship at my home track.
Short Term Goal: To continue to progress, every day.
Long Term Goal:  To one day be the national #1 rider in my class.
What are your strengths? I never quit, and I don’t let injuries stop me.
What can you improve on?  Rhythmn sections.
If you could have one new bike part, what would it be?  I would find a “brass knuckles” seat that matches the one on my 20″ and put it on my cruiser.
Who is the toughest rider you have raced? Nicole Vidak, because she won’t ever quit.
What do you like to do off the track?  Play as much guitar as I can, exercise with my dogs, lift weights, and read.
Who would you like to thank? First and foremost I would like to thank God for all the amazing experiences I’ve had since I started racing – I’ve really been blessed. My family – Dave and Elijah – and the BMX-Guru.com team.  Also Will Harsh at C & W Cycle/ BMX-Guru.com for his continued support, Brad Moore for his dedication to a Toledo track, and all the ladies I race with on the national circuit and at home who make it so much fun.

Saturday, May 21 saw several of the team riders come together at Waterford Oaks for a team practice and mini-clinic from 4-7 PM. With the whole track to themselves, the riders broke into groups and worked on a variety of topics, lead by team coach, Tommy Merryman and assisted by riders Mike Rincon and resident pro, Carlos Pierson.  Much work was done in the unexpected summer-like heat, and the team got to enjoy some refreshments afterwards as a celebration of 30-34 ladies cruiser rider, Gina Gilbert’s birthday. The team is looking forward to more practices and team clinics in the near future.

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For May, we’re taking a closer look at a young rider who’s already been on the national scene for some time. Elijah is a gifted athlete who participates in many sports, but his favorite thing to do is still race his bike. We suggest you keep your eyes peeled for him, tearing up class and cruiser at a track near you.

Name:  Elijah “The Gator” Gilbert       
Hometown:  Toledo, Ohio
Current bike:  Staats
How long have you been racing, and how did you get started in BMX?  Since I was 4 years old (June of 2006). I started racing because there was a track close to where my dad works. I begged him for a year before he bought me a bike. 
Favorite Track:  Waterford Oaks (Pontiac, Michigan.)
Favorite Rider Jeffery Upshaw
What’s your greatest BMX accomplishment?  Being the youngest to make the main at the 2010 Young Guns Shootout. I won a week to Ohio Dreams!
Short Term Goal: To improve, and be faster than I was last year.
Long Term Goal:  To become a pro and race in the Olympics.
What are your strengths? Jumping comes easily for me.
What can you improve on? My gates! I need a better first straight.
If you could have one new bike part, what would it be?  Forks on my cruiser.
Who is the toughest rider you have raced? Kyle “The Rocket” Rittenhouse!
What do you like to do off the track?  I like to skateboard. I also play football and baseball for my school, the Greenwood Knights!
Who would you like to thank? First I would like to thank God, for blessing me everyday! I would also like to thank my dad and my stepmom – Gina “The Cheetah” Gilbert, my mom, Brad Moore for his track in Toledo, Will Harsh at BMX Guru.com for his help, and my team!

 This month’s rider spotlight has us taking a look at the phenom that is Chase Robinson. Chase is incredibly fast, pretty smooth, and definitely fearless. After coming out of virtually nowhere and winning nationals like it’s his day job, a lot of people are wondering “who is that Chase Robinson kid?”  Well, let us tell you…

Name: Chase Robinson 
Hometown: Findlay,Ohio 
Current bike: Redline 
How long have you been racing, and how did you get started in BMX? One year. My Dad took me to watch a race in Toledo to see if I would like it, and I started soon after that. 
Favorite Track: Akron  
Favorite Rider: Jeffery Upshaw 
What’s your greatest BMX accomplishment? Winning the Redline cup,and getting 2nd in the State series 
Short Term Goal: Getting 1st in the National series
Long Term Goal: Being a pro BMX racer  
What are your strengths? Jumping
What can you improve on? Manualing
If you could have one new bike part, what would it be? Rims
Who is the toughest rider you have raced? Ryan Wightman 
What do you like to do off the track? Soccer, BMX riding, and dirtbike riding 
Who would you like to thank? I would like to thank my Mom and Dad, team Guru, and the rest of my family who supports me in my racing.